Celestial Immortals, Barbecue Sauce, Moon Cakes, and a whole lot of Studio Ghibli
Plus, Taiwanese units of measure, our favorite home goods store, and a call for all your burning questions about Taiwanese food
New products from Dong He, a 100 year old oil and seed mill in Chiayi Taiwan
Lo-fi Taiwanese Food Blogs, Empress Hot Sauces, Ghost Pepper Soy, and a Recipe for a Spicy Taiwanese Marinade for your July 4th Chicken
Plus, a couple of food events and wild honey 茶菌
Golden Diamond Pineapples, Irwin Mangoes, and Pearl Guavas sourced from independent farmers, plus the debut of the Yun Hai house brand
Plus the release of Time, Terroir, Taiwan—our soy sauce documentary
Run Bing, Soy Sauce Mini-Doc, and a sneak peek at a forthcoming project
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