The dichotomy between Taiwanese and Western sweets is so interesting! When I think about it, some of the value of desserts in TCM likely is from the ingredients. While Western desserts are stuffed with refined flour, sugar, and fat, Eastern desserts include more unrefined and/or "whole" ingredients: rice flour, nuts/seeds, lentils, etc.

Aside from the ingredients, I wonder if there's a particular reason why there are many dessert soups in Eastern cuisine, while almost none in Western cuisine.

I also enjoyed these other posts on the abundant varieties of tong sui by a Cantonese Substack-er:



P.S.: I found your newsletter after meeting Lillian. Love how you guys provide a window to Taiwanese food culture.

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Can the Instant Pot be used to make Grass Jelly tea too? If so, what setting and for how long?

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