Awesome article! Amazing how they invested so much time, energy and resource into restoring the salt fields and now have it back up and running. A great success story.

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Late to the party, but this was a lovely read! It reminds me of the Gujarat salt flats -- they're a unique seasonal desert saltworks in India. Much like in Qigu, the snow white crystals from these salt flats are a product of slow solar energy and human labor, that too in the summer heat. Salt farming still continues, but there are many social, health, and environmental problems. There's a video on the salt farming here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXDoofWyHP8

I'm also quite fascinated with the idea that salt farming was a precursor to tofu. I never knew!

Last, but not least, congrats to Lisa and the team for the F&W recognition!!

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I skipped Qigu Salt Mountain thinking it was a tourist trap, but who knew??? Shout out to them for great video content!

And huge congrats to Lisa and team on the Food and Wine recognition!

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